21 gift ideas for a Badminton lover

Are you looking for great gifts for badminton fans and players? If yes, you have come to the right place as I have enlisted an amazing list of options you can consider to gift your friend who loves badminton. Take a look at the different options and I am sure you will find something worth purchasing for your friend. 

Tickets to the All England championship

Well, this gift is especially for hardcore badminton fans that follow all badminton tournaments passionately with their dream to watch one tournament live. The All England Championships is by far one of the greatest badminton tournament which involves all the great players of the world who fight to win the prestigious title. Gifting the tickets to your friend will be like a dream come true for him/her to see all the great players playing right in front of their eyes. 

Badminton Cufflinks 

If you are looking for a gift for a badminton lover who loves to dress up and try new ideas, then badminton cufflinks will be a very unique gift for them. It’s a great idea to add something interesting to the very serious and boring suits. Moreover, you can gift it to your friend who is about to get married as well. A tip while selecting a cufflink is to observe its weight. The heavier the cufflink the better the quality. 

Badminton keychain

If you want to gift a small gift which is not very expensive then this is one of the best options. It is more suitable for kids and teenagers who love badminton. This is a very useful gift and can be used by them to keep a hold of their important keys. 

Personalized water bottle

Sports bottles are trending nowadays. You get them in many designs, shape and you can even customize the appearance of the bottle. Badminton is an intensive sport that requires high hydration levels so gifting a water bottle is a very useful gift to give a badminton lover. Moreover, you can customize it concerning color, design, and many more features. 

Sports towel

A sports towel is very much required in badminton and gifting a good sports towel is a perfect gift in terms of usefulness for your friend. A sports towel will help them to wipe out the sweat and it is an essential item for any badminton player. So if you are looking for a simple and useful gift, then you can go ahead with this idea. 

Feather shuttlebox

This is one gift that will surely suit the need of any badminton player. A tube of shuttlebox is required by any level of player so they will surely appreciate it if you gift them a shuttlebox. 

Badminton Mug

A badminton mug can be used for many purposes for drinking milk or your friend’s favorite beverage. Moreover, gifting a personalized badminton mug with your friend’s favorite player or a picture of your friend playing badminton will make it more special for them. 

Badminton shirts

Badminton players require a great number of t-shirts for everyday use. You can gift a shirt to your badminton friend taking into consideration his favorite brand. It can be Yonex, lining, Adidas, or any other. Moreover, if you are looking for something personalized you can gift a shirt which your friend’s favorite player printed on it. 

Badminton Face mask

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a mask is mandatory to avoid the spread of the virus. Lately, masks are available in different designs, and gifting a badminton customized design face mash to your friend will make it more special for them. 

Knee Support 

Badminton is a highly physically demanding sport that requires lunging, running, and a lot of jumping. All this is quite on the knees due to which many players can sometimes face some knee pain or at the most a knee injury. You can gift a knee cap to your friend who is undergoing such pain to support their knee during play. 

Badminton medal hanger

Well, this is a very helpful gifting idea for a friend who has won a good number of medals in his/her badminton career. By gifting this, your friend can systematically arrange their medals properly which can be showcased properly. 


I hope all of you are aware of another vertical in badminton which is AirBadminton. Well, this is a very unique concept developed by the BWF which is played with the help of specially designed AirShuttle. You can gift this to a badminton love who can play with it wherever and whenever they want. Click here, to know everything about AirBadminton.

Badminton popsocket

A mobile phone is owned by almost every individual on this planet. Many people love to decorate their phones with many accessories. Well, this popsocket is for a badminton player who loves different phone accessories. This will make their mobile phone look even more happening. 

Badminton lights 

This is a very unique and beautiful gift that you can gift your friend. These lights are in the shape of a shuttlecock look very unique wherever you place them. I am sure your badminton friend would love this gift. 


This chandelier is filled with colorful shuttlecocks that look very beautiful. You can gift this to your friend who loves to decorate his/her rooms with a unique set of ideas. 

Inspirational books

Every badminton player looks out for some inspiration to perform and get better every day. They keep watching new videos and learn new skills to develop their game. Gifting a few inspirational books to your badminton friend will motivate and inspire them to get the best out of them. Remember to gift this to a friend who loves reading. 

Badminton socks

A badminton player requires many pairs of socks for their training. You can gift a good pair of Yonex or any other brand socks to your friends as this is for sure going to be something they will use. 


There surely must be one favorite player of your badminton lover friend. So you can gift a poster of that favorite player, for example, a poster of Lin Dan/Lee Chong Wei to your friend. 

Foam Roller 

A foam roller is a very useful gift for a badminton player. Stretching is very important in badminton after the workout. This is where a foam roller helps and it helps to stretch almost all muscles of the body and also reduces inflammation giving the player the best recovery possible. 

Portable Badminton Net 

Your friend will surely appreciate this gift as this will allow him/her to play badminton anywhere in an open space. 

Badminton Racket and Shoes

The last best option to gift your badminton friend is either a good badminton racket or a good pair of badminton shoes. There are many brands available and you can choose according to the type and quality of the player. 

Final Thoughts

So here are some unique gifting ideas for your badminton lover friend. I am sure if you choose any gift from the above options, your friend will surely love it.

Anushree Burad

Qualified as an MBA in Sports Management. A Sports fanatic and a passionate badminton player. My passion for sports drove me to foray into sports writing. This is my attempt at translating my thoughts into words. Looking forward to contributing to Sports through my writing.

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