Badminton Quiz – Trivia Questions & Answers

Badminton can be a very tough game to learn because of the terminology and systems that the game uses. Quite often, you may go to play badminton, know one or two rules, but you find that you’ll run into a scenario that you don’t know about.

This can be embarrassing. Never fear! This quiz will help you test your existing knowledge, and hopefully, you can learn something new too.

The questions will be split up into three question sections. Section one will cover general knowledge with short answers. Section two will test your knowledge of the rules of the game and will test your detailed knowledge a little more.

Section three will cover five match-realistic scenario questions that will encourage you to use the knowledge gained throughout the test. Try to hit the recommended scores for each part before moving on. The number at the end of the question equates to how many possible answers there are.

I would strongly encourage you that if there are any terms you are not sure about, make sure to do your own research so you can better your won understanding. I would also recommend that you have a look at some more advanced rules once you’ve completed this quiz.

Have a go and see how well you do!

Section One – General Knowledge 

This section of the quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the game of badminton. It shouldn’t be too hard, but the idea is to make sure you are aware of the very basics before progressing any further. 

This section makes up a core part of the rest of the quiz, so try to score above 15 out of 20 as this shows you have good knowledge to pass onto section two. Let’s begin.


  1. What object do you hit when playing badminton and what do you hit it with? (2)
  2. How many ways can badminton be played? What are they? (3)
  3. What are the different types of badminton strokes? (4)
  4. What are the dimensions of a singles court? Length and width (2)
  5. What are the dimensions of a doubles court? Length and width (2)
  6. Which is the most prestigious badminton tournament in the world? (1)
  7. How many points are there in a set? (1)
  8. How many sets do you need to win a match? (1)
  9. What is meant by the term deuce? (1)
  10. How many different types of judges are there in a match? (3)


  1. Shuttlecock and racquet- These are what badminton is played with
  2. Three – Singles, doubles, and mixed matches
  3. There are four main strokes – Overhead forehand, overhead backhand, underarm forehand, and underarm backhand
  4. The dimensions of a singles court are 13.4m long and 5.18m wide
  5. The dimensions of a doubles court are 13.4m long and 6.1m wide
  6. BWF World Championships
  7. Twenty-one
  8. Two out of three
  9. When a score is level at 20-20
  10. Three – Chair umpire, line judge and a Service judge (There is also a tournament referee, but this is not a specific judge to the game).

Section Two – Rules Of The Game 

This section of the quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the game and any scenarios that might happen in a game of badminton. Answering these questions in as much detail as you can will lead you on nicely onto the final part of the quiz. 

Try to score 15 out of 20 or above to progress onto the next section. If you don’t do this first time around, give it another go!


  1. When the shuttlecock goes out of play, what do we call this? (1)
  2. What will happen if the shuttlecock hits a player? (1)
  3. Is it a violation to double hit the shuttlecock? (1)
  4. Where do I serve too in badminton? (1)
  5. What happens if I hit the net on my serve and the shuttlecock goes over? (2)
  6. How many serves do you get per rally? (1)
  7. What are the rules for a legal serve? (3)
  8. Name the different lines in a badminton court. (7)
  9. What happens when the score is 20-20? And describe what it is. (2)
  10. Can you touch the net during a rally? (1)


  1. We say the shuttlecock was “out”.
  2. If the shuttlecock hits the opponent’s body, he/she will lose the point.
  3. Yes – you are only allowed a single hit of the shuttlecock.
  4. Diagonally across from your service box.
  5. If the shuttlecock hits the net and falls short of the service line, then you’ll lose the point. But, if it hits the net and lands and lands inside the service lines, the service is legal.
  6. One – you don’t get a second serve in badminton.
  7. The serve must be hit upwards, hit underarm, the shuttle must be below your wrist.
  8. Baseline, side-line, center line, forwards service line, back service line, singles line out, doubles line out.
  9. Deuce is played. This is where the players will continue to play until someone wins by two clear points.
  10. You can’t touch the net or posts when you’re playing a rally. If you do so, your opponent will get one point.

Section 3 – Game Scenarios

This part of the quiz is designed to test your knowledge that you should have gained in a real game scenario. It’s important to answer these questions in as much detail as you can as these scenarios can come up when you play a game of badminton. 

Apply all the knowledge that you have learned throughout the test and maybe some of your own knowledge if you can. Try to get all the points available to show that you really know your badminton! Remember, read the scenarios carefully. Try to get more than 6 points out of 10.


  1. Jenny and Mark (J+M) decide to play a game of doubles against Jade and Alex (J+A). J+M want to play on a 13.4m long by 5.18m wide court. J+A want to play on a 13.4m long by 6.1m wide court. Who is correct, and what lines come into play because of it? (2)
  2. Jack hits a forehand smash to Bob. Bob miss-hits the shuttlecock. It hits the frame, then it hits the strings and goes over. Jack stops playing and says it’s his point. Bob argues that it is his point because the shuttlecock went over and hit the floor. Who is right, and why? (2)
  3. Jessica and Anna are playing in a close set. The score is 20-19, and Anna wins the next point, making the score 20-20. What should happen next? (2)
  4. Ron is serving to Adam. Ron serves from right to left. He serves underarm, but it hits the net and goes over into the service box. Adam says that it is his point. Is Adam right, and why? (2)
  5. Rachel and Nina play a point. Rachel brings Nina close to the net. Nina flicks the shuttlecock upwards, and Rachel smashes downwards, hitting Nina. Has Rachel won this point? (2)


  1. Jade and Alex are correct. The dimensions bring into play the double side lines.
  2. Jack is correct because hitting the shuttlecock twice is a violation of the rules. It’s important to make sure that if an umpire is there, they must call it
  3. Jessica and Anna must play a deuce point. Either Jessica or Anna needs to win by two clear points.
  4. Adam isn’t correct because if the shuttlecock hits the net, goes over and lands in the service box then it is a legal serve.
  5. Yes, Rachel has won the point.

A pass score is 36 or above (out of 50). Keep trying until you hit that 36 points, and you’ll be ready to play in no time.

So, there you have it. Twenty-five badminton questions to help you build on your knowledge or gain new knowledge of the game. I would recommend researching some of the points you got wrong, or if you did really well, research some of the more obscure and in-depth rules of badminton as this can give you an advantage.

Final Thoughts

When you start playing badminton, it’s important to make sure you research and understand at the very least basic rules first. The game is so fast that you can easily miss something and lose a point because of it. You will get faster at picking everything up, but this comes with practice and hours of playing.

Taking quizzes like this can really help you gain the basic knowledge that you need, but the most important part is that you are applying it consistently. The only way where you can expand and learn more about the game is to play yourself.

By playing yourself, you’ll learn about new scenarios and how the rules are applied, or you might learn a completely new rule. By constantly playing, you’ll also pick up on rule violations a lot faster.

Hopefully, this quiz has got you on your way to learning more about badminton!

If this was helpful, do share it so that others can also find it.

To enhance your knowledge a bit more, we’ve got a complete guide on the commonly used badminton terms and their simple explanations. Click here to check it out.

Thanks for reading.

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