Tai Tzu Ying: Racket, Shoes, and String

Tai Tzu Ying is one of the greatest women’s badminton players the World has seen. Notably, she holds the record as World no. 1 for most weeks in BWF history. She is one of the most skilled badminton players in the World known for her exquisite deceptive style of play. Do you know which equipment Tai Tzu Ying uses? Well, read this article to know about her Racket, Shoes, and String. 

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Racket- Victor Thruster F Claw II (White)

Tai Tzu Ying uses the Victor Thruster F Claw II Badminton Racket since 2018. It is a singles-oriented badminton racket that is aimed to deliver more power to your shots along with incredible flexibility and comfort with its REBOUND SHIELD. The comfortable hitting experience makes it the best choice for Tai. 

The Anti-Torsion slim shaft increases the strength by more than 4 times giving more stable and accurate hits. Instead of NANO FORTIFY TR, the racket frame is made up of PYROFIL to provide greater resilience and shock absorption. It’s an outstanding attacking racket with its relocated balance point (295 to 300mm) and the increased swing weight (83 to 84kg*cm2). 

Tai Tzu Ying Shoes – Victor P9200II

The Victor P9200II is Tai Tzu Ying’s official badminton shoes. It is from the stability series and is upgraded with both, comfort and protection to the feet. While the heels are built with NEO DUPLEX, the shock-absorbing cushion is upgraded with E-TPU. This aids in better shock absorption and swift movement around the court. 

The inner toe uses special technology for better strength and durability. Moreover, the lateral stability system is upgraded with the LS-S Shell Technology which has a supportive TPU integrated into the outer midsole layer for added stability while landing. These shoes suit Tai Tzu Ying’s unpredictable and varied style of play. 

String- VICTOR VBS-66N 

Tai Tzu Ying uses the VICTOR VBS-66N string. It is blended with high-technology and wrapped with nylon multifilament. It is based on the latest nanotechnology which gives it better resilience and string control. Overall, it’s a powerful string with great durability.  

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