How can you build a career/business in Badminton?

Over the past decade, the popularity of badminton has increased exponentially across the World. While some athletes decide to make a professional career in the sport, many athletes give up the sport after a certain age due to many reasons. 

Like there is a silver lining to every problem, people who leave the sport also can be associated with the sport in many other ways. For example, I was a university-level player and now I run my badminton website to maintain my passion for the sport. Likewise, I have listed down several career or business options you can work on in the field of badminton. 

These can be taken up by both badminton and non-badminton players. Passion and knowledge for the sport are all that is required.

Badminton Training School 

Badminton is the most played sport in the world. It is easily accessible and can be played by people of all ages and gender. Bringing up a badminton training center will be like a blessing in disguise to all people living in that locality. Moreover, badminton is an indoor sport and can be played irrespective of any weather. This is why it is considered one of the safest sport for children. This is one of the most profitable badminton businesses in India. 

You can open a badminton academy of your brand or can take a franchise of a well-reputed academy in your country. However, you need professional and skilled instructors for your academy to do well in the long run. 


Coaching is an upcoming career option in badminton. With an increase in participation in badminton, the demand for good badminton coaches is increasing all around the world. However, get yourself properly trained with a good coaching certification course to increase your credibility. It is not always necessary to be a badminton player to pursue badminton coaching. 

There are many coaching certifications available today. Choose one according to your preference. Keep learning even when you start your coaching career. 

Badminton Blog 

If you are a passionate badminton follower and love to write about it as well, then you can think of starting your badminton blog. It is very easy to start a blog nowadays. A right and clear approach as to what you want to cover in your blog can serve as an add-on for you. The revenue earned through blogs is generally through advertisements and affiliate programs. 

Event Management 

As I told you earlier, badminton is the most participated sport in the world. You can arrange a series of badminton-centric events in your locality with will engage your audience and also be helpful for community development. You can research several events like the Premier Badminton League and find out what you can offer. An inter-school badminton event is also something that can interest you. 


Umpires are the most important technical officials in badminton. They maintain the integrity and decorum of the sport. Another career option in badminton is that you can choose to become a badminton umpire. You can start by umpiring at local levels after taking up a certification course from your respective federation. Eventually, with experience, you can start umpiring at the national level and International level. 

Badminton Retail/Wholesale Business

You can open a complete badminton-oriented retail store that will include all famous badminton brands like Yonex, Li Ning, and more. Everything required in badminton can be served here. However. a location is very important while setting up a sports store. You can try to locate is a densely populated area which is also close by to a good badminton training center. 

Create your brand locally and then you can start your online store as well for wider reach. 

Badminton Technology 

Various technologies are used in different sports either for improving performance or to increase the appeal of the sport from a broadcast point of view. Video analysis and the Hawkeye technology are the two most used technologies in badminton. While the former is performance-oriented, the latter is viewership-oriented. Likewise, you can think about technologies that can be used in the sport and design a business that revolves around it. 

Shuttlecock Manufacturing

A shuttlecock is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in badminton. There are very few brands that are well recognized in terms of shuttles. So you can target this area as shuttles are required in high demand in the sport. The manufacturing process is simple and you can easily start this badminton business with low investment. 

Badminton Infrastructure

This is one of the upcoming badminton business in the world. With an increase in demand for the sport, people all around the world want to have an exquisite badminton facility in their area. A facility with 4-6 courts has worked well as a business model too. Therefore, you can provide infrastructure options to people who want to build a badminton facility. There are different types of badminton courts and you can provide all of them depending upon your customer’s needs. 

Sports Science Centre

Sports Science is an upcoming force in all sports. A sports science center involves training, biomechanics, physiology, psychology, and performance analysis of an athlete. It plays an important role in developing an athlete’s performance. Therefore, it requires a series of machinery, equipment, and skilled professionals. Moreover, with a wider reach, it can prove to be a profitable business option as well. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, these are the ideas I had in mind if you want to make a career in badminton. You can reach out to me if want me to write a detailed article on any of the above career options through my mail id. 

Anushree Burad

Qualified as an MBA in Sports Management. A Sports fanatic and a passionate badminton player. My passion for sports drove me to foray into sports writing. This is my attempt at translating my thoughts into words. Looking forward to contributing to Sports through my writing.

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